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Ivan Zlatev's house



Original drawing by

architect George Tsapkov

Architects should never forget that the true meaning of their title is simply "chief builder". Sometimes it is best to take off our silk scarves and suede shoes and adopt a litteral "hands-on" approach to our craft.

In this case, fellow architects Georgе Tsapkov, Stefan Stoyanov and myself decided that the best way to implement G. Tsapkov's project for the emergency consolidation of a 100 years-old house was... to carry it out ourselves :) We took care to thoroughly document our intervention in order to give it publicity.

Erected in distant 1911, the house remained uninhabited for more than a decade. Suffering from the passage of time, the lack of maintenance and from several bizarre dispositions originally adopted by the master builder, our "patient" was limping badly and urgently needed stabilizing crutches before the real treatment could begin. 

Our work was cited as an example of good practice in emergency consolidation of endangered monuments during a seminary on heritage preservation held in Bansko later the same year.





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