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"Serdica-Sredetz" archaeological reserve

A survey of archaeological details, made in cooperation with fellow architect Lilia Lyutzkanova and, at a larger scale, with other colleagues from the 4th edition of the architectural heritage preservation master class (led conjointly by the Bulgarian Institute for Architectural Heritage and French École de Chaillot).

During this field practice, we had the opportunity to explore hands-on the archaeological reserve Serdica-Sredets. We made a thorough architectural survey of structures from an entire late roman insula, including mosaics, a hypocaust and a water supply system… right after they had been excavated by the archaeologists. We could marvel at the interaction between different historical layers, piled on top of each other and sometimes interwoven in a complex tapestry that we could read and interpret, in order to single out its most meaningful and valuable aspects and devise a way to present them to the public with only a minimal architectonic intervention.  






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